The DuoFertility USB Device


Finding out when you’re ovulating may be a lot easier thanks to this upcoming DuoFertility device. Designed by Cambridge Temperature Concepts, a spin-off by Cambridge University PhD students, it consists of a small stick-on patch device that goes under your arm, and a handheld reader.

The patch is a small rubberized gizmo (with a new efficient battery that lasts eight months) and it sticks to your skin and measures your basal body temperature way more accurately than other systems: this temperature rises minutely during ovulation.

When the wireless reader unit gets the info on your temperature change, it then lets you know the best time to try out some baby-making with symbols on its display, or a readout on your PC— it’s got a USB connection. Easy peasy, and no pee samples or early wake-ups for manual temp measurements that similar devices require. Human trials are scheduled for next month, and the device may be on sale as soon as the Fall.



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