Gay couple’s road to parenthood : part of small but growing trend

John Powers and William Rossi are working double daddy duty as proud parents of identical twin girls.

 “We’re going to give these two girls the best life possible,” said Powers, 34, a sales rep who works in the Chicago area.

On a recent Saturday, eight days before their first Father’s Day, the gay couple laughed at their initiation into parenthood: sleep deprivation because the girls are up every three hours, discovery that noise from a vacuum quiets the babies during their “bewitching” hours, and the misfortune of getting peed on during a diaper change.

But it doesn’t seem to bother the doting dads.”Gabby threw up all over Bill the other day, but it was probably one of the funniest things I ever saw ’cause it almost went in his mouth,” Powers said.

 Powers and Rossi became parents through gestational surrogacy.

Surrogacy has emerged as a trend among a small but growing segment of same-sex couples. More gay couples are choosing surrogacy because at least one partner can be genetically related to the child.

Two Israeli gay men may have started this trend in India when they became the first known same-sex couple to ‘father’ children through the surrogacy programme at Rotunda. After this case, Rotunda has worked with  about 20 same-sex couples, with over 50% success rates.


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One response to “Gay couple’s road to parenthood : part of small but growing trend

  1. Michelle

    I find this very interesting. As a newly “out” lesbian, my partner and I have discussed becoming parents together. I have two daughters from my previous heterosexual marriage. I’ve also thought about becoming a surrogate for other couples as well. I guess the real issue is where do I go where I know I will be safe? It’s going to take a lot of research on various companies, I think.

    Nice blog! 🙂

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