Smoking damages female fertility

Heavy smoking may reduce a woman’s fertility by directly affecting the uterus, the results of a new study indicate.

According to a team of European researchers, it has long been known that smoking affects female fertility. However this is believed to be the first study to show that the habit actually damages the lining of the uterus, making it less receptive and reducing the chances that an embryo will implant itself in the wall of the womb.

The study looked at the impact of women who had received donated oocytes – the cells from which eggs develop. According to the researchers, this situation allows the most objective assessment of the role of the uterus in the outcome of IVF (in vitro fertilisation).

 They looked at IVF treatments carried out at a clinic between early 2002 and June 2005 – 741 of these were in non-heavy smokers (less than 10 cigarettes a day) and 44 were in heavy smokers (over 10 a day). None of the women’s partners were smokers and none of the oocyte donors were heavy smokers.

The researchers found that ‘heavy smokers have a much lower chance of achieving pregnancy’. However in those who did become pregnant, the multiple pregnancy rate was higher.

“The fact that we see this result in a situation in which the oocytes were donated by other women demonstrates that cigarette smoking negatively affects the receptiveness of the uterus independently of its effect on ovarian function and this is a new finding”, explained lead researcher, Dr Sergio Soares.

He suggests that heavy smoking ‘disrupts the stability of cells in the lining of the uterus differently in some women or triggers a response in the embryo itself’.

“This could result in a reduced general pregnancy rate overall, but an increased chance of multiple pregnancy in those who do become pregnant”, he explained.

He added that while more research is needed in this area, patients who are heavy smokers should be told that even if fertilisation takes place, they have ‘less chance of achieving a successful pregnancy, whether they are trying to conceive naturally or through IVF’.

Posted by : Goral Gandhi, MSc,

                   Laboratory Director,

                   Rotunda – Center for Human Reproduction (Pvt) Ltd



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3 responses to “Smoking damages female fertility

  1. keystoclaritycoach

    Thank you for some of these very informative posts! Keep it up!

    Coach Louise Crooks


    IVF TEST TUBE BABY is very wrong method

    That the ‘test tube baby’ IVF baby, where egg ( ova) of women (wife) Fertilized by any sperm of men (husbands) outside the body of women in laboratory test tubes is very wrong . The reason for this is that during this process will be subjected to egg (ova) women and any sperm of men as well as fertilized egg (zygote) these three structures will be
    exposed to light ,and that this light will affect very on content living in these structures, such as genetic gene mounted on chromosomes and the rest of molecular insisted in sperm and egg ( ova), and zygote. saitoblazim, nucleus … etc. living structures . . . .. These influences will appear on the fetus and ‘test tube baby’ ivf babe in the future after childbirth or after adulthood or after marriage or in the second generation of any sons and grandsons of the ‘test tube baby’ ivf baby.
    Because in the case of Fertilized naturally which come for direct sexual meting (fornication) between men and women (spouses), the process of Fertilized Labroid through sperm take place inside the uterus and at the place of dark light accounts never materialize.

    Final Note
    Is not that photographic paper which we have created in personal camera is the most sensitive to light or any sperm or semen, to any human (sperm)? If exposure photographic paper to light before put it in the camera, the effect will override, will not serve to capture images of personal events and travels because it will be burnt or sparked once offered light.
    Does any sperm or semen in particular to the men and egg (ova) of women containing thousands of genetic genes on chromosomes
    It holds all the information that is deposited, but also affected by light,
    Harm emerge only on human to be created in …..



    During the Process of IVF Child (BABY), ‘test tube baby’ the sperm of man (male), the ova (egg) of women (female), and the Fetus(zygote).Will Exposed to light because the process Implement
    Outside the body (Uterus) of women with Offer and Available of light.
    But In the case of Natural Fertility of ova(egg) by sperm inside the body (uterus),Mean Having direct Sexual contact between woman and man the process Happen and occur
    In Darkness Place inside Uterus of women completely Away from light.
    And this light Affect on Hereditary genes which are Portable on Chromosomes,
    And the IVF Child (BABY) will suffer FROM Hereditary Diseases IN Future ..
    1 There are also Differences between two , A body temperature degree Inside womb, uterus of women , and temperature degree outside the womb or uterus of women in case of IVF baby the are not agreement compatibility or completly between the two temperature ((Inside the womb and outside the womb )
    2 there are alsow Gases such as oxygen Outside the uterus or womb of women This Gases affects On the egg ( ova) and sperm Because O2 is oxidized gas.


    Disadvantages of artificial insemination and embryo transfer in cattle

    That the processes of artificial insemination and embryo transfer in cattle damage to the disadvantage of many. For the following reasons

    That during the process of collecting of the semen and sperm of the male (bull) through the artificial vagina , during this process will be semen and sperm Exposed to light, and that light Affect on Article living in a sperm or in the liquid semen will be inevitably affected a contents of the existing there in, such as hereditary genes located on chromosomes, which have a major role in the transfer of hereditary characteristics from parents to another generation.

    During the process of taking or liquid which collected from male ( bull), This liquid semen will be subjected to air, it will change temperature because the environment is rising on the temperature of the body of male (bull) in the summer and fall on the temperature of the body of male (bull) during the winter and that this decline and the rise will inevitably affects the contents all of the animal semen , as well as to sperm , and this affect the qualities of a genetic transmitted through genes to genetic Calf born by artificial insemination in the future
    The addition of chemical substances extenuating to the semen liquid to be taken from the male (bull) By artificial vagina has A substantial role to Chemical change in Recipes of semen and sperm which They exist in the semen.

  3. Smoking is injurious to health. During pregnancy it can effect the uterus which can create many complication during delivery. Women who smoke are less likely to conceive because it reduce women fertility.So if you are willing to conceive then don’t smoke.

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