Hair Coloring and Pregnancy


Most experts agree that when it comes to hair coloring, safe is better than sorry. So wait out the first trimester before heading back to the salon to retouch those roots. If your practitioner is extra cautious, he or she may advise against hair coloring during your entire pregnancy, but there’s no hard evidence that the chemicals are harmful to your baby. So if you can’t stand those roots, fix ’em. Your best bet: Stick to highlights instead of single-process color so that the chemicals don’t touch your scalp, or ask your colorist about less harsh processing (an ammonia-free base, for instance   It is extremely difficult to be sure whether anything is totally safe during pregnancy. No one wants to conduct an experiment about a potential toxin on a pregnant woman, so many times we have to rely on animal studies or incomplete information ).

 Posted by : Goral Gandhi, MSc,

                   Laboratory Director,

                   Rotunda – Center for Human Reproduction (Pvt) Ltd


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    I am glad you are reiterating the truth. Sadly, I think women spend too much time getting advice from other uneducated, unarmed mothers and live in utter fear of doing normal day-to-day things while they’re healthily pregnant. Ignoring one’s need to be pampered during this time is definitely something I hate to read about! Great blog!

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