Danish Pride?

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What a shame! The red waters seen in the pictures is Blood. At this time of year, there is a brutal, grotesque, bloody slaughter in the Faroe Islands, which belong to Denmark. Denmark – A country supposedly ‘civilized’ & part of “The European Union”. Many people do not hear about this attack on life… so no real protests have been registered. This bloody slaughter to attend Moz to ‘show’ entering adulthood(!) is absolutely incredible and no one in Denmark has moved a finger to prevent this barbarism that is committed against the picture-82picture-92Calderon – an intelligent dolphin who has the peculiarity of approaching people out of sheer curiosity.picture-14picture-23picture-34picture-44picture-52picture-62picture-72

Dolphins are sensitive, social animals with highly developed nervous systems. They have a profound capacity to suffer distress, terror and pain. Each year, the Faroese kill Dolphins & pilot whales and other small cetaceans. 

Islanders in motorboats first drive the dolphins into a bay. The chase may be lengthy. The exhausted, terrified and confused whales are eventually driven into the shallows. Here the bloodbath begins. The islanders repeatedly hammer 2.2 kg metal gaffs into the living flesh of each dolphin until the hooks hold. A 15 cm knife is then used to slash through the blubber and flesh to the spinal column. Next the main blood vessels are severed. The blood-stained bay is soon filled with horribly mutilated and dying dolphins & whales.

The Faroese celebrate the butchery of their victims in an carnival atmosphere of entertainment. Indoctrinated from an early age, children are often given a day off school to watch the fun. They run down to the bay and clamber over the carcasses of slaughtered whales & dolphins.

Every year around 2,000 dolphins & whales are driven ashore and cruelly slaughtered in the Faroe Islands, mid-way between the Shetland Islands and Iceland. For centuries the Faroe Islanders have hunted pilot whales, driving entire schools into killing bays, where they are speared or gaffed from boats, dragged ashore and butchered with knives. Although the Islands are a protectorate of Denmark, they have their own Government and regulations governing the pilot whale hunt or “grind” as it is known.

Aside from the fact that the number of Calderons & North Atlantic long-finned pilot whales is unknown and they are listed as ‘strictly protected’ by the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats, this is an act of barbarism and pointlessness. By slaughtering 100 dolphins at a time, the Faroese are wiping out entire pods and family groups. They are removing building blocks from the gene pool of the species and damaging the web of life in the North Atlantic and the North Sea.

The drive hunt is a practice abandoned elsewhere many decades ago, and now outlawed by other European states. The inhabitants of the Faroe Islands have no subsistence need for whale meat, and much of the flesh is left to rot and be dumped; it cannot be exported, as it is polluted with heavy metals and other toxins and therefore cannot meet EU heath standards for human food.

According to Faroese legislation it is also permitted to hunt certain species of small cetaceans other than pilot whales. These include: Bottlenose dolphin; Atlantic white-beaked dolphin; Atlantic white-sided dolphin; and Harbour porpoise (There are also specific regulations for the hunting of harbour porpoise. Harbour porpoises are killed with shotguns).

Please share this post to raise awareness against this senseless crime against defenseless dolphins!



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270 responses to “Danish Pride?

  1. Cyberish

    I wonder where that tasty meet in the supermarket comes from. I’ve heard about bloody cattle slaughtering but thats just to absurd have you ever seen those wonderful animals? those innocent eyes. So no, that cant be true…….. that most be one of those conspiracy theory’s

  2. Chetan

    this is a truely gruesome act and its really unfortunate that people from these supposedly developed countries are doing these things.. its pitiful and disgusting.. and utterly shameful for the country.. if there’s any way to stop this i would personally like to be a part of the campaign..

  3. Jackie

    Cyberish… Humans have no right to cause indiscriminate harm and suffering to other species. I personally gave up eating meat 25 years ago, but even if hadn’t I would still consider this practice barbarous. Cruelty, wars and barbarism have always had their apologists. Remember: “evil flourishes when good men do nothing”. I’m off to write a letter of protest to the Danish embassy.

  4. Mia

    What an atrocious and archaic scene. If this is to show the entering into adulthood, why are all the people in the pictures doing the killing of the dolphins, etc, ALL grown men!!?? They sure have some growing up to do!! The people of this island sure need to change their ways, and NOW, so everyone be sure to sign the petition, or better yet, write a letter to the Danish government or embassy, as Jackie is doing (above).
    To Cyberish….boy, are you naieve(?), you need to Google about farm animals to find out how they are slaughtered for that ‘tasty’ meat you see in supermarkets. Then put yourself in their ‘hoofs’.

  5. tommaso

    shit!!!!…..no comment….
    cry man……cry….

  6. Claudio

    What a shame, it’s unbeliavable that people living close to the wild ocean dont’love dolphins… I’m astonished, upset, the pictures are so terribly true… No words to describe this horror.
    Shame on you, Danish People… shame on you!

  7. Alessio

    Noooo. I don’t belive it.
    No more danish product and services

  8. andrea tassotti italia

    Quello che succede a questi poveri animali è di una barbaria inaudita. Non verrò mai in Danimarca e tantomeno acquisterò mai un prodotto made in Danemark. Questa è una vergogna e i danesi compresi la loro regina dovrebbero vergognarsi di tali atrocità nei confronti di poveri animali inermi. Vadano a fan culo tutti i danesi e la loro stupida regina . Ho chiuso i rapporti con questa popolazione ignorante, incivile e primitiva.
    Andrea Tassotti Italia

  9. Seejur

    Heyla Cyberish… I understand your irony but…
    Farm animals are not endagered. Farm animal are killed for a purpose: food. These cetaceans are killed for no purpose, just fun.
    So for me is still ok to eat meat, but this doesn’t mean that I will accept what is going on in these Danmark’s islands…

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  11. Why mankind has to be so cruel against the other species…

  12. leonardo

    complimenti vivissimi, non hanno proprio un cazzo da fare sti danesi, ma come si fà a uccidere degli animali inermi? cazzo posso capire 200 anni fà che potessero fare sta cosa così inaudita per conservare magari carne, grasso e tutte le altre cose ricavabili da sti animali ma per sfamare un intero popolo a per superare l’inverno… ma ora dove tutto può essere acquistato in un supermarket e che ogniuno e indipendente…a cosa serve sto scempio? ma che festa è? suicidatevi và…

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    che l’essere umano fosse un animale spregevole lo si sapeva e questa strage ne è l’ennesima conferma. forse il giorno più bello di questo pianeta sarà quando l’uomo si sarà estinto.


    che l’essere umano fosse un animale spregevole lo si sapeva e questa strage ne è l’ennesima conferma.

  16. Dario

    Shame on you!!

    SHAME ON YOU !!!

    my god…..

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  18. Complimenti vivissimi…proprio un bello spettacolo.
    C’è poco da fare, questa è la natura umana, parassiti, usurpatori, devastatori, senza rispetto e rimorso.
    Bene così, ci metteremo sulla forca da soli.
    Speriamo presto…

  19. daniel

    far oer people fuck u…!!!!!with all my hearth……

  20. SM

    What a shame. I have orror about net called ‘Spadare’ that should be outlaw and not, they kills 10.000 cetaceans at year inside Mediterranean. But hell, atleast the ‘object’ in not fun but swordfish meat. And this barbaric stuff, why they simply do not shoot at some whales and cut it down? Why knifes and harpoons? Such a unbeleavable stuff in the ‘civilized’ europe. But wait, Danish are tooo civilizided, right? Why they don’t kill human beings to show they are not still boy? Umbelievable how all the stuff about ecology, entire popolation enjoys such massacre. If it happens in Rwanda, arrgh the savages; but it happens in Europe, and wait, in Canada (seals) too. Something is not going right about ‘evolution’ (in human race), we are still a bit too bastards and stupid animals (Faer Oer and Canada above the average..).

  21. marcello de dastris

    Non comprero’ piu’ prodotti danesi, ne io ne la mia famiglia.
    Cominciamo fin da oggi a non comperare piu’ burro danese al super market.
    Pensavamo di andare in vacanza con il postale dalla urtigrutten per i fiordi, non ci andremo … faremo le vacanze in un altro paese.

    marcello de dastris

  22. daniele

    bestie schifose poteste fare tutti la stessa fine

  23. daniele

    per voi la stessa fine

  24. daniele

    possiate fare la fame e ammazzarvi tra di voi

  25. giacomo

    Danish you have to be ashmaed!

  26. Non ho parole, prometto che non acquisterò più prodotti danesi. Mi chiedo come si possa fare queste cose e farle vedere a dei bambini! Ma cosa gli dovrebbero insegnare queste scene?Non discuto le tradizioni, ma questa è davvero da folli…

  27. Stefano Dell'Orto

    it’s horrible. Why human race is such cruel against the nature we live in?
    STOP cruelty everywhere against everybody, human and animal.

  28. Fabio

    Stop the whales massacre in Fær Øer!!!
    Faer oer people bastards!!!

  29. marco mascia

    Pensavo che i danesi fossero un popolo civile. Mi sbagliavo.
    (I thought that the Danish were civil people. I mistook myself.)

    • Andreas

      Yeah because its all Danish people who are doing this?
      Its like saying that you are a facist like Mussolini?

      • Roberto

        You are right Andreas. But in Italy we always seek to estimate the peoples of northern Europe. See these scenes there looks amazing.

  30. domenico

    I’m studing antropology, but it’s too difficult to understand this orrible tradition… I want to said sorry to the animal from the human stupidity!!!


  31. Bianca

    Vergognatevi….voi che uccidete
    vergognatevi….voi che permettente tale scempio
    La Natura prima o poi si ribellerà…. e saranno c…zzi!

  32. Marco

    I feel so impressed but. is it really shure ?
    and moreover : is it for no reason at all ?
    they kill Whales and dophins for free ?
    I really don’t understand
    if someone danish and mabybe born there will read this article , then would that man or woman give to the readers an answer more reasonable ?
    I will keep waiting here for an answer and stay connected , thank u for reading


  33. Hi all,

    there is something wrong in this scene,i’ts very strange and sad,that this people can do that,there is a reason,cultural maybe? Ancient? Atavic?

    Is not possible do this just for fun or food o for a religious reason in this new century.

    Do someone have a good (very good) reason for exlpain what I see? A danish maybe?


  34. alberto santelli

    Shame on you, Danish People… shame on you!

  35. fabrizia

    fate solamente schifo…dovreste vergognarvi di quello ke fate…..non so neanche io a cosa paragonarvi,agli animali non di certo perchè sarebbe solo un’offesa nei loro confronti….ke paese di merda che siete!

  36. Fabio

    Are the danish people MONSTERS or what?
    It’s unbelieveble..
    Come on.. we are in the XXI Century..
    It’s time to STOP this barbarian act against the nature and different forms of life.

    Shame on you, Danish People.

  37. Veramente umano! Se esiste un’altra civiltà, se ci sono degli extraterrestri che ci vengono a visitare, beh! li invito caldamente a non atterrare mai, perchè facciamo troppo schifo! Meritiamo di morire tutti e di far scoppiare questo mondo di merda!


    Come è possibile che nel 2008 si possa compiere una atrocità del genere? E lo fate vedere ai bambini!Cio che fate merita il castigo di Dio. Ma l’avrete!!


    Questa è un’atrocità che merita il castigo di Dio!


    Vergognatevi! E lo fate davanti ai bambini.Ne terremo conto.


    Possiate fare la fame e ammazzarvi tra di voi.

  42. Edoardo Pellegrini - Italy

    Maledetta gentaglia!
    Che Dio vi castighi e vi bruci!

  43. Massimo

    Verrà il giorno in cui verremo giudicati!!! Ora è il giorno in cui piangere…

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  45. E’ orribile e ignobile. L’uomo non ha più nemici della sua specie da combattere ne civiltà da distruggere ne popoli da conquistare, e per questo che si è incamminato inconsapevolmente ma senza via di ritorno, verso la sua autodistruzzione, quando saremo estinti spero che le specie sopravvissute gioiscano della nostra fine.

  46. david

    If human being doesn’t make a war they still got in there genes the will to kill innocent creature..
    Will one day understand that everythings on earth is a gift from the mother land…killing for no reason will make us one day with nothing to survive…

  47. Antonino

    Non ho parole e neanche un pensiero postitivo di fronte a questo inutile e bestiale massacro. L’unico sentimento, spontaneo che mi ho è la incredulità che un uomo possa essere così ingiustamente ed inqualificabilmente disumano nelle sue azioni.. Ah… Dimenticavo i nazisti.


  49. Pino

    Quando l’ultimo albero sarà stato abbattuto,
    l’ultimo fiume avvelenato,
    l’ultimo pesce pescato,
    vi accorgerete che non si può mangiare il denaro.
    La nostra terra vale più del vostro denaro.
    E durerà per sempre.
    Non verrà distrutta neppure dalle fiamme del fuoco.
    Finchè il sole splenderà e l’acqua scorrerà,
    darà vita a uomini e animali.
    Non si può vendere la vita degli uomini e degli animali;
    è stato il Grande Spirito a porre qui la terra
    e non possiamo venderla
    perchè non ci appartiene.
    Potete contare il vostro denaro
    e potete bruciarlo nel tempo in cui un bisonte piega la testa,
    ma soltanto il Grande Spirito sa contare i granelli di sabbia
    e i fili d’erba della nostra terra.
    Come dono per voi vi diamo tutto quello che abbiamo
    e che potete portare con voi,
    ma la terra mai.
    Piede di Corvo, Piedineri

  50. Guinea


  51. Fabrizio

    vergogna, e questi nordici sarebbero civili? non andrò mai in danimarca e canada dove fanno le stesse cose ai cuccioli di foca.

  52. Francesco

    Suicidatevi se non avete nulla di meglio da fare maledetti annoiati che non siete altro!

  53. daniele

    non ci sono parole……e pensare che la carne la lasciano pure a marcire…..almeno i cinesi e i giapponesi se li mangiano gli animali che trucidano…ma questo e’ veramente troppo…..e nessun canale televisivo e nessun giornale ha aperto bocca…..neanche un trafiletto su un quotidiano…. pazzesco…. l’unione europea si interessa solo del pil e della crescita demografica dei paesi membri… DOVREBBERO INTERESSARSI DI PIU’ AL GRADO DI CIVILTA’……

    daniele catacchio

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  55. edoHard

    vergognatevi danesi!

  56. Shailen

    Insensitive, sheer lack of respect for God’s creatures. Slaughter of innocent and trusting animals is against humanity. What next will they do this to Danish Childern?

  57. daniele

    In questo mondo non si finisce mai di sorprendersi, di inorridirsi e di schifarsi. Quello che l’uomo arriva a compiere non ha confini e dopo averlo fatto se ne va in chiesa, si pente ( a volte), poi gioca con suo figlio a calcio, e vive la sua cazzo di vita come se il fatto di aver ucciso orribilmente un essere vivente indifeso non fosse affar suo. Che razza di specie è quella umana?

  58. Alfredo

    La tristezza di queste scene è indescrivibile,non esiste ragione al mondo che giustifichi la crudeltà e la durezza di questi esseri,forse secoli fa la sopravvivenza.Qualsiasi cosa che venga dalla danimarca è da boicottare,anche solo un gruppo rock…non andate mai più in vacanza in questo primitivo e crudele paese.

  59. maxibilian


  60. roberto ct

    vi prego, non insultiamo una nazione ed il suo popolo per le infamie di alcuni, chiediamo con garbo a questo popolo ed alla sua regina di adoperarsi per porre fine a questo orrore, non dobbiamo essere peggio di coloro che mettono in atto tali atrocità, scagliandoci ferocemente e maleducatamente contro una popolazione fatta da tanti individui, ognuno con le proprie idee, la danimarca non è fatta solo di questo, anzi sono più i buoni esempi che da sempre ci arrivano da questa nazione.

  61. Eros Trevisan

    Vergognatevi, stop ai prodotti danesi da subito!!!!

  62. Christo

    Is this the “Danish dynamite”???
    I hope they blow them selves up soon!!!

  63. francesca

    …noi meritiamo la stessa fine…
    il pianeta non è solo nostro, con quale diritto facciamo tutto questo??!!
    Quanta tristezza…boiccottiamo tutto ma facciamolo sul serio.


  64. marco

    e’ uno scempio schifoso… l’ennesimo… perpetrato dall’uomo ai danni della natura.
    E attenzione… ho letto commenti di italiani indignati, evidentemente costoro non hanno mai visto le nostre italianissime tonnare che non sono per niente diverse da quello che vediamo in queste foto.
    Non e’ questione di civilta o non civilta’ del popolo danese… non c’entrano niente le bandiere e la nazionalita, questi orrori avvengono in tutte le parti del mondo… questo e’ cio’ di cui e’ capace il genere umano…
    E io spero che un giorno la natura ci presenti il conto.

  65. Inorridito

    E’ la stessa cosa che accade da noi nei macelli dei bovini. Io certamente non sono d’accordo nel proseguire questo tristissimo massacro medioevale, però… che differenza c’è nel macellare vacche e questi cetacei?

    Cerchiamo di vedere il punto vero della situazione.
    Non è la Danimarca, è il Mondo intero.

  66. Alfredo


  67. elena

    …..mi sarebbe piaciuto fare una vacanza in danimarca……ma ora ……in un paese così barbaro non metterò mai piede…….mi fate skifo…….come si fa ad ammazzare delle creature così immensamente belle ed inermi?????……..vergognatevi!!!!!!!!!e si vergogni la regina……..


  69. Nicolino

    Danesi pazzi.
    Tutto ciò è vergognoso !!!!!

  70. mauro

    Brutti bastardi, danesi di merda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. emanuele

    I think not all Danish are so stupid, so savage. Speaking to those assassins, I wish you the same death.

  72. mauro

    Bast_ardi danesi, spero che qualche squalo si mangi qualcuno di voi (magari qualcuno dei vostri figlioletti di mer_da

  73. Diego

    “Il grado di civiltà di una nazione lo si vede da come i suoi abitanti trattano gli animali” ….VERGOGNA!…:-(

  74. Diego

    il grado di civiltà di una nazione lo si vede da come i suoi abitanti trattano gli animali

  75. Eleonora

    E’ vero…non è questione di paese o popolo è proprio l’essere umano che dovrebbe scomparire da questo pianeta perchè non lo merita. Non merita il sole, non merita il verde dei prati, la dolcezza del vento, il canto dei delfini, il volo degli uccelli. Spero che un nuovo diluvio universale ci travolga in modo che le terra possa ricominciare a vivere senza di noi.

  76. Denis Treviso

    I don’t have words I feels like crying to hear those cries of that animal.

  77. ennio

    quando vedo e sento certi ORRORI ,non posso che augurare la stessa fina per i loro carnefici!!!!
    che merde!!!!!!!!
    che schifo!!!!!!
    Mi fermo qui,non voglio andare avanti con i commenti ,ho solo brutte parole in mente!!!!!!!
    credo ancora al 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. biondo minoprio

    complimenti ai loro signori primitivi,del bel modo che hanno di uccidere questi crostacei,verra’ il giorno in cui la natura e gli animali si ribelleranno alla cattiveria umana….BOICOTTATE LE ISOLE FAR OER….

  79. LELLA



  81. Guido Dalla Casa

    Davanti a questi orrori, le autorità cosiddette religiose, eredi delle tradizioni nate nel medio Oriente, in cui si considera solo “l’uomo” e tutto il resto “materia”, tacciono semi-compiaciute, e si agitano solo se qualcuno tocca quattro cellule surgelate!! (purchè “umane”!!)

  82. como italy

    manca solo di vedere fred fliston e wilma con la clava ,vi chiedo ma noe’ ha salvato gli animali per farli tutti ammazzare dall’uomo????stop al vostro massacro e a tutti i massacri nel mondo sia su gli uomini che su gli animali

  83. vv

    stopping by for a second time… after seeing these horrible scienes i couldn’t sleep last night… i would never say that danish people r cruel… not all of them… those people that do such things r everywhere…and that shows how wild, evil, shallow and heartless human can b…. the most ironic thing is.. that danish government either is ignoring it or they just take it for granted… and u know i would say they r being as much despotic as all those caddish people there in the sea doing bloody minded things… so… question: how can so many people b so horrible..??? answer: there is no realizable answer…………

  84. claudia

    Solo una domanda: PERCHE’?!?
    Viene da piangere… sembra un incubo. E’ un incubo.

  85. Enrico

    Chi sono i veri animali??????????
    Questi sono solamente dei gran pezzi di merda!!!!

  86. Enrico

    Io posso capire che esista gente per i quali l’aggettivo animali calzerebbe a pennello, ma addirittura un’intera città è una cosa che non me lo sarei neanche sognato!
    Per queste persone non trovo un aggettivo adatto, anche perchè l’avevo trovato ma mi è stato censurato…. :-((

  87. Enrico

    Complimenti vivissimi…proprio un bello spettacolo.
    C’è poco da fare, questa è la natura umana, parassiti, usurpatori, devastatori, senza rispetto e rimorso.
    Bene così, ci metteremo sulla forca da soli.
    Speriamo presto…
    Ne ho dovuto copiare uno, perchè i miei vengono censurati uno dietro l’altro 🙂

  88. Enrico

    che l’essere umano fosse un animale spregevole lo si sapeva e questa strage ne è l’ennesima conferma. forse il giorno più bello di questo pianeta sarà quando l’uomo si sarà estinto.

  89. Enrico

    Sono quattro commenti che mi vengono censurati, cosa devo scrivere per farvi capire che queste persone le fucilerei volentieri tutte????

  90. jordan

    “The first link is overkill, not because of the pictures, but some of the astonishingly bad text:

    ‘Dolphins are sensitive, social animals with highly developed nervous systems. They have a profound capacity to suffer distress, terror and pain. Each year, the Faroese kill Dolphins & pilot whales and other small cetaceans. ‘

    Dolphins are not sweet innocent creatures who are brimming over with Obama goodness. They’re animals, known to rape and kill their infants at time. These facts don’t excuse this slaughter, but by telling this issue in such a biased manner, you may be turning off more people than you imagine.”

    Right, the article was poorly written. It feels like it was written by an over-zealous high schooler. (and the comments are a bit foolish: “FUCK YOU DANISH PEOPLE!!!” and “Speaking to those assassins, I wish you the same death.” where as Jackie wrote “I’m off to write a letter of protest to the Danish embassy.” which is a much better way of expressing yourself.)

    By the way, I don’t condone these acts.

  91. Carla J.

    I’m Danish-American and feel that this is horrible. I do believe that contacting the government and expressing outrage is the right way to go and I’m also going to be contacting the Danish Embassy and what/whoever else necessary to express my outrage. I could possibly understand if they used the animal like Native Americans used their kills- if not all, most parts of an animal are used somewhat in a ceremonial way. Obviously this isn’t happening…it’s for “fun.” It just saddens me in today society that things like this go on. Unfortunately, I thank you for showing us what has been going on….

  92. Andrea Scaglia

    Leggerò accuratamente ogni etichetta per sapere la provenienza dei prodotti che compro ed informerò tutti i conoscenti della cosa affinché io possa, nel mio piccolo, ottenere il danno maggiore per questa Danimarca così gretta, superficiale e insensibile.
    Dovrebbero venire gli squali quelli veri, attirati da tutto quel sangue, a mangiarvi cominciando dai vostri coglioni.

  93. astralwicks

    I am shocked and outraged. Can’t we start an online petition to stop this ancient custom or whatever it is? Something is rotten.

  94. astralwicks

    As flies to wanton men, they kill us for their sport.

  95. I’ve been to Denmark and have seen a lot of nature awareness. It is so shocking to see Danish people being so cruel. The images are truly shocking!

  96. pam

    it’s painful just to look at these pictures. i can’t imagine such gentle animals being tortured like this. i just feel terrible how senseless humankind has gotten. we may have done this years and centuries ago, but we are supposed to be moving forward and act more civilized! i pray that these dolphins know that not all of us are like this and that we’re sorry for not preventing it.

  97. Stefania

    E’ incredibile come ancora ai giorni nostri siano permessi certi massacri.
    STOP IT!!!!

  98. Alex

    Boicottiamo tutti i prodotti Danesi, cibi, ecc… ma ricordatevi LEGO multinazionale del giocattolo che non fa nulla contro queste barbarie.
    Quelli della LEGO si mettono quindi allo stesso livello dei massacratori delle Faroe.
    Mai più in Danimarca e MAI PIU’ un prodotto danese!

  99. Andrea

    Giusto, boicottiamo tutti i prodotti Danesi e non andiamo più in Danimarca e specialmente in quelle dannate isole.
    Però dobbiamo organizzare qualcosa di attivo per proteggere le balene.
    Si potrebbe pensare ad un’azione tipo GREENPEACE con barche per tenere al largo le balene nel periodo estivo.
    Io mi offro volontario.

  100. Robert


  101. sandro

    Pezzi di merda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. sandro

    ….non potendo scrivere una valanga di insulti…
    auguro a queste persone tutto il male del mondo!!!

  103. Mika


  104. Alessio

    mi fate schifo,
    shame on you dirty bastard, hope all your sons die in a worst way.
    what a cruelty, hope you all die in the same painful way.
    vi odio dal profondo.

  105. rupertg

    Can I just point out, this isn’t Danish people killing the dolphins, its the Faroese. They are a protectorate only, and the article even states that the laws regarding hunting are legislated by the Faroese, not the Danes.

    Although the Islands are a protectorate of Denmark, they have their own Government and regulations governing the pilot whale hunt or “grind” as it is known.

    Referring to “Danish Pride” is completely misleading.

  106. If The Danish Government Really Wants To Stop “The Grind”, It Can Pass Legislation To Enforce It On Its Protectorate States. There Have Been Online Petitions Time & Again About This, But With No Public Outcry In Denmark. If This Was A Middle-Eastern “Grind”, By Now The Entire “Civilized” World Would Have Passed Sanctions Against The “Barbarians”……. Such Is Life!

  107. ev

    hello… i’m a Dane, living in Copenhagen.

    first of all… you must all understand, that these people are NOT Danes!

    They are Faroese, and they speak a completely different tounge, have a very different lifestyle and background than Danes.

    the reason they are connected with us is that our ancestors almost a thousand years ago invaded their island and claimed it under our kingdom, we did excatly the same with Greenland… and noone in here would call an Eskimo a Dane would they?


    Danmark has many years ago given the Faroese their independence as we did with Greenland.
    But our relationship has always been incredibly strained, as they have been nothing but a burden on our economy and NO, WE DON’T THINK THIS IS OK, no Dane would apreciate this kind of mindless slaughter.

    finally, i must admit that i have never ever heard of this ‘ritual’ before or whatever it is, and do not condone it! our ecosystem is strained anough as it is.
    but keep in mind these people have been fishermen for as long as anyone can date back… and that is at least 1100 years.

  108. Davide Comeri

    Shame on you, STUPID killers!!!

    Have you killed also the “sirenetta”?

    You’re the bigger shame in Europe and hope you will be isolated in your darkness!!!

  109. Davide Comeri

    In Italia basterebbe smettere di bere Ceres per dare già una bella risposta a ‘sti ASSASSINI!!!
    Spero che chi faccia soffrire per divertimento, possa un giorno morire nel modo più doloroso possibile, magari con un bell’arpione su per il c.lo!!!

  110. manuela

    ma quando succede questa atrocità? Formiamo un esercito e andiamo là in queste isole a dirgli tutto questo… sono inutili i post, le mail alla regina.. e tutte le chiacchiere indignate… Armiamoci anche noi di arpioni… “a mali estremi… estremi rimendi”

  111. mario cacciani

    Abbiamo sempre preso come esempio questi popoli per la loro apertura mentale circoscritta al fatto che puoi scoparti liberamente moglie, sorella o quelle puttane delle loro madri o farti fare un pompino in piazza senza che nessuno ti dica nulla. Meglio una sega di nascosto ma avere il rispetto el’amore per il meraviglioso e unico mondo animale.

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  113. Don

    All these people should be put in the stocks for a six month outside!
    There is no need for these people to do such idiot and evel things like this.
    It is a pitty that these people are born to the Earht!

  114. Pistol Pete

    This makes me throw up…
    I mean, how can a group of people, a community, a country, call itself civilized, when they do sh..t like this???
    And for those, who come with the nonsense excuse of this being a tradition (and this one goes out to the japanese as well), i say, what would you do if you went to Borneo and your head would get cut off by headhunters, calling it a traditional act, which by the way had a long history there, before it was called off at early last century???
    From now on i’m boycotting the purchase of any dannish product, until the more sensible side of the country will stop this.

    Its a bloody shame! Literary.

  115. Marco


  116. andrea

    Mamma mia che scempio, non avevo ancora visto così tanta crudeltà…. Ma perché tutto questo???

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  118. Marco P.

    after a long observation of this


    and a little of more accurate researches from wikipwedia to other sources I have better understood the center of he problem.

    When I first learnt about it was from the Beppe Grillo’s blog.

    It describes the tecnique of phishing used by the island’s naive very well, and it really impressed me badly.

    Somehow I reach the opinion that they do it for sport or for tradition and that they do not eat the meat of the animals they hunt.
    And I didn’t agree with who kill for simple sport action,because kill is for need, or commerce but not for free.

    But in the video a lot of things are very ,very clear:

    One: that every islander has his part of meat , whales are not hunted for sport or for free but for meat.

    Two: even if they are conscious that this meat is full of mercury ( metilmercury) and other heavy poisonous metal , they eat it the same , because it comes from the sea and it must be good.

    Three : this is a SECULAR traditon, still existing .

    So now it seems to me that this hunt has a meaning , because this island lives of the sea and of phishing , those wales are not died in vane because their meat serves (for hudred years) to te citizens, It’s traditional and it is fair.

    The real problem is how tecnology and pollution has chaged the balance of fight between whales and humans, because even if phishermen had accuired big boats and machines t hunt , the price , the gobal price is pollution , so now both are in danger , humans and wales for merury.

    If u think better this system based on phishing of this island is not supernatural, but the introduction of big quanity of energy and of technolgy makes it so good that it kills both, the man and the whale.

    I guess that if Faroer islanders retrocede from their tecnology advantage (big boats) things would be better.

    but at the sametime they have to find who has polluted with mercury their whales .

    thaks .

  119. Lessà

    You Killers!
    Stronzi di merda!

    Crazy stupid world!


  120. Last Boyscout


  121. arianna

    L’ignoranza dell’uomo ci ucciderà tutti, l’umanità è la balena con essa muore anche la speranza del mondo

  122. emanuela

    it’s very incredible!!!!! man is really merciful!! but how can we intervene? how can we send off an e-mail to denmark’s queen because she abolish this slaughter?

    (I’m sorry for my probably inaccurate English)

  123. emanuela

    it’ s very incredible! man is very pitiful! but how can we intervene? how can we send off an e-mail to Denmark queen because she abolish this slaughter?


    ( I’m sorry for my probably inaccurate English)

  124. fabio

    this is terrible!

  125. Albi&Chicca

    This is simpley unbelievable… I could still believe it if it was done in some african or asian country, but not in an EUROPEAN one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully the European Union will discuss this inhuman matter shortly, in the meanwhile…. FUCK DENMARK and FUCK the FAROER!!!!!!!!

  126. Albi&Chicca

    This is simpley unbelievable… We could still believe it, although so cruel, if it was done in some asian or african third world country, but not in an european so called “civilized” one…. We hope that the European Union will discuss this matter shortly, in the meanwhile….. VAFFANCULO alla Danimarca, Vaffanculo alle Faroer, ma soprattutto VAFFANCULO a quelli esseri inumani che fanno e permettono tutto questo schifo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. Albi&Chicca

    This is unbelievable. If it was done in some african or asian third wolrd country we could still belive it, but not in some so called “civilized” european one! We hope the European Union will discuss this matter shortly, in the meanwhile…. a morte la danimarca, le isole faroer e soprattutto quegli esseri inumani che fanno e permettono tutto questo schifo!!!!!!!!!!

  128. Albi&Chicca

    This is simpley unbelievable. We could still believe it if it was done in some african or asian third world country, but not in some so called “civilized” one. We hope the European union will discuss this matter shortly, in the meanwhile f**k this inhuman beings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. Albi&Chicca

    This is simpley unbelievable!!!!! We could still believe it if it was done in some african or asian third world country, but not in a so called “civilized” european one!!!!!!!! We hope the european union will discuss this matter shortly, so that this inhuman event will come to an end.

  130. Davide

    sono d’accordo con Inorridito… non è la Danimarca è il mondo intero!!!

  131. Davide

    Spero che queste immagini invece di scatenare odio riescano a rendere consapevoli dell’atrocità di qualsiasi violenza contro qualsiasi animale.

  132. alexdigi

    spero tanto che ogni picconata e ogni sgozzamento che ogni singola persona a dato a questi poveri mammiferi prima o poi capiti a lui o lei con il patimento di dolore triplicato compreso per chi ne è a capo e per chi ne lascia compiere per festeggiamento..!!! una schifezza disumana!!

  133. stefano frigieri

    da oggi comincio l’embargo verso qualsiasi prodotto proveniente da quel paese di barbari
    sono un fotografo naturalista, volevo visitare queste isole per organizzare viaggi e corsi fotografici per portare sul posto appassionati di fotografia naturalistica, ma visto che razza di stupidi insulsi e deficenti barbari abitano queste isole me ne andro’ altrove
    bastardi bastardi bastardi che siate tutti maledetti
    voi e tutti quei musi gialli di merda che vi fanno concorrenza

  134. Roberto

    Shame on you !!!!!!

  135. cekoru

    orrrrospu çocukları

  136. Romol

    which one is intelligently? People or Animal?
    They are a men of brains…
    Wery wery shameful for whole mankind my friends…
    We need to make anything against it.
    Thank you for share!

  137. Hakan

    Yaa kusura bakmayın sizin cogunuzu anlamıyorum . ama yeter artık ben degil siz beni anlayın ve sadece sunu yazmak istiyorum bu bir vahşet bu insanlık dışı birşey
    BU BİR HAYVANIN kimseye zararı olmayan Bir BALİNA yı KATLETMESİ demek …

  138. unfuckinbelievable!!!!!!!!!

    sad, too sad 😦 😦 😦

  139. doogle

    My lord will you people please shut up and respond with at least some intelligence. I think you should shut up about saving some animals and work on real human issues, Darfur is a thousand times more important than a few Dolphin deaths. West Europe and North America are the nations which always go OTT about Wales and Dolphins and I think you need to realise they are just animals.

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  141. Christian

    Of course this is wrong!! but none have read the blog of “ev”, where it is explained the connection between Faroe Islands and Denmark.

    All those blaming “Danes or wrote the article” are just as incompetent as those who kills the whales. For giving a entire nation guilt for this shame.

    So get your act together and do your research before blaming all “Danes” in this matter.

    Yes I am a Dane and have never heard of this before reading this article.

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  143. Bevann

    We were really keen to travel to the Faroes but after seeing this barbaric killing frenzy are reconsidering. How could/would we relate to people who find this behaviour normal? I wonder if all Faroese agree with this so called “tradition”? Give the Danes a break though. The Faroes have their own parliament and legislation. Would be interested to know how much say the Danes have over their protectorates.

  144. mannon tit

    Disgusting thing and disgusting people. I wonder if the Danish will PROTECT this scandalous rubbish regularly practised in their PROTECTORATE?

  145. mannon tit

    Disgusting! I wonder if the Danish will PROTECT this SCANDALOUS rubbish regularly practised in their ¨ROTECTORATE?

  146. mannon tit


  147. beppe

    I respect your tradition, but please, we are in the year 2008, we must change our wiew of the planet….no more antropocentric, we are not the owner, we are just passing through.

  148. Vale

    …solo un essere umano può arrivare ad una simile vergogna.

  149. Angelo Italy

    What a shame, I am speechless. No words to describe this horror. Danmark should be Shamed! They got back to StoneAge

  150. Angelo Italy

    Back to stoneAge, shame on Danmark!

  151. Elisabbetta

    I wish I come from Italy and put the picks in your heart … maybe there would nothing …ashamed

  152. leccaciouffi

    I wish I come from Italy and put the picks in the heart … maybe there would nothing …ashamed

  153. TasteGood

    What is it that is so cruel about the Faroese pilot whale killing? i mean, it taste realy good, are good fun to kill ( only done it once:( ), the pilot whale isn’t a threatened spiece, we only hunt the flocks that get close to the islands and from we start cutting them and til they are dead, there goes 2-3 sec. so i’l clame that it’s also a hummane death.

    Instead of just shouting, i would like to see some real arguments, why we sould stop killing pilot whales.

    ps. The Faroe Islands is NOT a part of EU tho it’s a part of Europe.

  154. Nancy

    We surely need another opinion to clear this all up! Kill a few supporters in public, with no defense and let them communicate directly, from experience……. just how the thrill killing for food works.

    Funny how we have learned to tolerate it more with beef. But not really that funny.

    Sad state of our consiousness. Thanks for getting it out in the open.

  155. Anna

    E’ una cosa orrenda, schifosa. Si vergognino, uomini, donne e bambini. Questo orrore li rende tutti individui abietti. Che tutto questo sangue ricada sulle loro trucide teste.

  156. Anna

    Uomini, donne e bambini che tutto questo sangue, questo orrore ricada sulle loro trucide teste.

  157. Laura G.D

    Stop the verbal abuse against Danish people.
    That is such a stupid thing to do.Would you be happy if someone would call you “mafioso” just because you are an Italian?Fær Øer isn’t a whole nation.You ignorant italians talk so fast but in Sicily you do exactly the same!Shame on you too Italians!
    It changes just the name infact you perpetuate the same horrible massacre that is called :
    Oh now tell me you didn’t know about it!
    Mr Marco P talks wisely. But I really don’t understand when the talking comes from people that eat meat..because meat comes from animals..innocent animals raised in slavery,killed and sold.
    Isn’t prosciutto di cinghiale a massacre?
    Isn’t agnello arrosto a massacre?
    Isn’t filetto di cavallo a massacre?
    Isn’t filetto di viletto a massacre?
    Isn’t ragù di Capriolo or ragù di lepre a massacre?
    Nobody is perfect and nobody talks outrageously against a wonderful nation like Danmark that has so many other good things to teach ,to offer and to share.
    Eating meat itself would be already a crime!
    Verbal abuse is stupid,vulgar,pointless and doesn’t solve or fix any problem.
    I’m Italian and I love Danish people !!!!

  158. Walter Coniglione


    Shame on you..vergognatevi!
    Vergogna, MI FATE SCHIFO!
    Siete la vergogna del genere umano..
    ..tutti verremo giudicati per le nostre azioni.

  159. william

    they should start killing each other instead of dolphins, it would be a good thing both for mankind and fish.

  160. Eli

    terrible and not justified! this can’t be done because of human tradition, slavery also was a tradition, is that right in 2008?no. I don’t think that Danish people really needs to eat dolhpins to survive. shame!
    I’ll not visit faroe island, and I’ll tell anyone I know about this.

  161. I dont get this ppl … why the fuck would u kill some delphins ? 4 fun .?!! fuck u all and hope u day the same whai u MoFo’s..

    Sry 4 the nasty words … but its fucikn’ outrageus

  162. LAURA G.D.
    I’m vegetarian, so i can tell: MURDERERS!
    Murderers them and who defends them, like you!
    You call this mattanza? Shame! Only shame!
    Only murder!
    Non faccio di tutta l’erba un fascio, come si suol dire, non dico certo che tutti i Danesi sono assasini, ma chiunque partecipi a questo assassinio, anche solo applaudendo, è un assassino lui stesso, perchè complice di tale inutile massacro.
    Vergogna! La chiamano mattanza!
    La legge del karma vi farà approdare voi un giorno a riva in un corpo di balena-delfino ed essere sgozzati e arpionati, da vivi, per niente!

  163. Anna

    Isvari, l’ultima frase che hai scritto è una cazzata.

  164. Anna, l’unica frase che hai scritto è una cazzata.


    C’è sempre da riscuotere o pagare
    da avere o da dare

    Questo è il Karma
    che puntuale agisce

    Ogni attimo
    di ogni stagione

    Di ogni vita che affrontiamo…
    in corpi diversi.

    Isvari Priya maggio 89

  166. Anna

    “Vi è un sistema di biblioteche viventi sul pianeta che assomiglia molto a quello sepolto, con la sola differenza che questo risponde alla coscienza dell’umanità in cambiamento! State incominciando a vedere questo quadro d’insieme? Gli ancoraggi delle biblioteche viventi – quelli che comunicano con la griglia cristallina – che facilitano il cambiamento – che permettono alla Terra di proseguire da un’era all’altra senza distruggersi – sono i mammiferi dell’Oceano. Alcuni anni fa tutte le nazioni del mondo si sono riunite per salvare le balene. La balena è l’unico mammifero che ha sempre avuto questa prerogativa sul pianeta. Lo sapevate? “. ****Tratto da Lettere da Casa – Kryon. ***** Se questi assassini di balene dovranno pagare, che paghino pure, ma N O N con la forma di balene, delfini o qualsivoglia animale.

  167. Non sarai certo te a decidere la forma del corpo nella quale dovranno pagare e nemmeo io; sarà la legge naturale del karma che dice che ad ogni azione corrisponde una reazione uguale o contaria e quella si applica automaticamente e imparzialmente vita dopo vita.
    La mia era una sorta di “battuta”….potranno anche andare ad abitare in corpi di vermi negli escrementi…chissà.
    Hare Krishna.

  168. Anna

    Hare Krishna, pace

  169. Mai litigato:)
    Anzi è stato un piacere scambiare con te.
    Se hai voglia vieni a trovarmi sul mio blog, ne sarei onorata:)

    Ti abbraccio.

  170. Ho letto uno degli ultimi commenti, di Laura. Molto infantile onestamente.
    A parte che non mangio carne e non vesto con pelli di animale, ma oltre alla assurda atrocità che viene compiuta da questi emeriti stronzi, che saranno pure una minoranza ma sempre stronzi sono, c’è la totale insensatezza che questo gesto orrendo non è neppure per fame, o per scopi alimentari, ma come festa.
    La macellazione, altrettanto infame, dei nostri bovini non avviene per festeggiare qualcosa, ma per scopi alimentari. Si tratta di una brutta versione della catena alimentare, ma è pur sempre inserita in un ciclo “naturale” (noi umani possiamo rinunciare però a questo ciclo naturale, possiamo decidere di mangiare uova, latticini, formaggi, legumi, frutta secca, etc).
    I danesi hanno da insegnare agli italiani?
    No, pensassero per prima cosa ai propri cugini.
    Io boicotterò assolutamente questa nazione, e contribuirò a farla boicottare, sino a quando non vedrò un suo gesto forte ed un affrancarsi da pratiche vergognose.

  171. Argema….finalmente un pò di intelligenza usata bene:)
    Un caro saluto.

  172. margius

    spero che un giorno queste persone facciano la stessa fine di queste povere balene.
    bastardi maledetti voi e la vostra regina del cazzo.

  173. Rodney

    The comments of the like of”tastegood” say it all I’m afraid. We have a species of creature on this planet who have no soul, or right to call themselves a human being. For killing such a beautiful, sensitive animal in such a sadistic, callous and offhand manner makes them on a par with the Hitlers and Amins of this world. It is the likes of them that allow atrocities in this world to be perpetrated. Tradition!! Too many perversions in the name of. Shame on you!I wish them nothing but ill, and hope that this results in a complete refusal of any ethical person to visit their shores. Please, please spread this as far and wide as possible in the name of sanity.

    • Salil Joshi

      @ Rodney- Amen, brother!
      I couldn’t agree with you more.
      People like “tastegood” are the reason for all the strife and suffering in this world. No arguement or logic can justify barbarism.

    • Salil Joshi

      I couldn’t agree with you more.
      People like “tastegood” are the reason for all the strife and suffering in this world. No argument or logic can justify barbarism.

  174. VforVendetta

    vegetariana da 8 anni…e quanto ho pianto guardando qste immagini…
    ma nn pensiate che corride e palii siano tanto meglio…in italia succede la stessa cosa, chiamata tonnara…nn siamo certo meglio dei danesi…l uomo fa schifo, di qualunque nazionalità esso sia…siamo gli unici esseri al mondo ad ammazzarci tra d noi e a fare del mondo un campo d battaglia…usa animali come giocattoli e x sadici esperimenti…ma arriverà il giorno in cui pagheremo tutte le nostre colpe…

  175. candice

    its so brutal and very un human for denmark people to kill such animal, its a demonic act of human to kill and slaughter dolphins,they dont hve a human heart its so barbaric i hope one day they stop doing that KARMA will be served!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  177. elah

    this so cruel and gruesome! absolutely shameful! these farouese or watever they’re called are gruesome people or are they even considered people. dolphins are nice creatures which has a background of life-saving for a lot of people. it just doesn’t do justice to them.

  178. Sizin insanmısınız beee.Yazıklar olsun size

  179. alex

    sons of bitches! grandsons of vikings! = barbarians…

  180. I see europan union power on the countries. No mercy, good economy… and everybody’s like animals specialy whales and dolphins but now i learn danishes not same about with this peoples. There are killers and this is very bad, Im so sorry because I must share earth with this peoples.

    a Turkish people…

  181. Bunu yapan insan olamaz..

  182. Mehmet!~*

    Ananızı sikiyim!

  183. bunları yapanlar insanlıktan hiç pay almamış kişilerdir ve aynı kişiler bizlere karşı hayvan haklarına aykırı hareket yaptığımızı savunan kişilerdir. oradaki yunus ve balinaların yerlerinde insan demeye bin şahit isteyen şahsiyetsiz kişilerin olması gerekmektedir.

  184. talatcaner

    Ulan Allah’sızlar,inşallah hepinizin bindiği tekneler alabora olsun,iki yakanız bir araya gelmesin,başınız bitten götünüz sikten kurtulmasın.

  185. Clark

    şerefsiz batılılar, her bir boka karışırlar kendi yedikleri nanelere kimseye laf ettirmezler….

  186. LEVENT

    Bu vahseti Kınıyorum

  187. lemak

    Fuck you danish

  188. Anna

    Dopo aver inviato una e-mail di protesta all’ambasciata Danese, ho ricevuto una gentile risposta in cui mi si dice che le isole in questione godono di piena autonomia politica ed economica e mi hanno inviato un’indirizzo e-mail locale:


  189. Pondo

    Vahsiler. İnsan haklarından bahsedersiniz bir de. Hiçbir gerekçesi olmadan bu kadar önemli hayvanlara bunu yapanlar, insanlara neler yapmaz!! Bunları yapan caniler zavallı aciz katiller.

  190. yuhbe

    Fuck you denmak

  191. delici

    Amınızı koyyum şerefsizler cehennemde yanın


    Ben bir Türk’üm ve Türkçe yazıyorum.Bu vahşeti kınıyor,Avrupa birliği üyesi çağdaş bir devletin insanlarına böyle bir eğlence ve festivali yakıştıramıyor ve en büyük katilin biz insanlar olduğunu düşünüyorum.Bu katliamın durdurlması için gerekenin yapılmasını,üzerime ne düşüyorsa yanınızda olacağımı ifade ediyorum

  193. istanbullu

    İnsan haklarından bahseder ama hayvanların haklarına saygı göstermekten aciz cibilliyetsiz vahşiler. Doğa elbet sizden intikamını alacaktır hiç şüpheniz olmasın.

  194. omg.. You killers!

    Allah belanızı versin. Şerefsiz piçler.

  195. haleoyal


    Siz ki çağımızda gezegenimizin ileri ve uygar bir toplumu olarak tanınıyor ve biliniyorsunuz.Böyle bir vahşeti nasıl içinize sindirebiliyor ve yapabiliyorsunuz?Kendinizden utanmalı ve tüm yunuslar ve balinalardan özür dilemeli ve bu vahşete, geleneğiniz de olsa(ki böyle anlamsız bir gelenek olmaz olsun) bir son vermelisiniz.Size katil ve canavar ismini yakıştırdım ve bundan sonra böyle anacağım sizleri…Böyle bir vahşeti aklım almıyor …Alamıyor…Nasıl eliniz varıp da yapabiliyorsunuz?…Ben resimlere bile bakamadım utanç ve öfkemden…Yunuslar ki insanoğluna en yakın, en sevimli ve en duyarlı deniz canlılarıdır…Hiç mi merhamet yok kalbinizde?…Utanın..Utanın…Söyleyecek başka bir söz bulamıyorum…

  196. yeraltici

    Hello uhren sohnes Denmark, ananızın amına koyem hepinizin şerefsizler! I fuck yours all Denmarks sons killer! götünüze sokun o bıçakları, acımazsa başka canlılara denersiniz, ipneler!

  197. yeraltici

    kınıyorum hepinizi

  198. allah belanızı versin alın avrupa işte katliamcı işkenceci ananızın bacınızın sülalaenizin amını siksem zevk alırsınız puştlar nasıl kıydınız lan şerefini siktiklerim..deniz kan gölü…zevkmi aldınız amını götünü siktiklerim…o tür masum balığa saygısı olmayanın insana saygısı olurmu…..

  199. ORHAN

    what the fuck those people think they are.
    just because the dolphins are much more powerless than people it doesn’t give fucking anybody to kill them right.It doesn’t mean that Faroe is a place that those people are not gonna pay what have done right there .I and I hope anybody will care with what the fucking reason is that those fucking people killed dolphins . somebody should and has to case them. this is completely murdering, crime and what ever it is but not fine and it is not something that those fucking son of a bitches will be forgiven.Powerless have to be protect from unfair power users by law …

  200. tazman

    sizin ta ananızın amına sokayım orospu çocukları

  201. tazman

    sizin ta götceezinizi sikeyim danimarkalı sikerken bile iğrenicem artık

  202. Anna;Dopo aver inviato una e-mail di protesta all’ambasciata Danese, ho ricevuto una gentile risposta in cui mi si dice che le isole in questione godono di piena autonomia politica ed economica e mi hanno inviato un’indirizzo e-mail locale

    …che significa? che sono autonomamente stronzi?….

    A noi e sopratutto ai delfini-balene non cambia niente che questi siano autonomi o no, continuano a uccidere anno dopo anno e il risultato non cambia; sono dei barbari schifosi.
    Che poi uccidano parlando danese, tedesco, italiano, svedese, cinese, politicamente ed economicamente autonomi dal resto dell’universo…..rimangono comunque bestie, solo vergognosamente bestie che si nutrono di violenza gratuita.

  203. Anna

    Cara Isvari, ho solo voluto rendere noto un indirizzo e-mail locale, specifico delle isole faroer, così qualche protesta od opinione (tipo: fottuti stronzi) si può inviare anche più direttamente agli interessati, i volonterosi, schifosissimi carnefici.

  204. Alper

    Danish people,
    You are idiot. You are all beowulf and barbar.

  205. I have no problem with this. Mind your business. The world has enough communists trying to tell people how to live their lives.

  206. yeraltici

    birsi benim adımı kullanmış ve belden aşağı sıyırmış, ben de kınıyorum ama o yeraltıcı benim rumuzu ve mail adresini nsiz kullanmasın emi.

  207. say

    orospu çocukları…

  208. say

    orospunun son çocukları…

  209. Jamie Barbarian

    I am one idiotdog and tier.

  210. Pingback: Elleri Katliam Kokan Danimarkallar - SDN Forum

  211. dardanelius

    Of course, Denmark is a powerful country on economy, Danish people are rich n they can buy, meat, fish etc. But they prefer killing the dolphins n whales which are the friendly animals n friends of sailors. So i can’t understand n want to know that “don’t Danish people have any heart?
    The view doesn’t look good on a civilized country named Denmark!
    Denmark! I think it is the most primitive country of the world! Because it has primitive people… They still live in the Stone Age.

  212. dardanelius

    Jamie Barbarian!
    Whales and dolphins can’t speak and tell what they feel. But the people who can understand them can speak and tell their feelings instead of them. So you can’t say “Mind your business” to the people who write their opinions here. Because they write instead of the whales and dolphins.

    They know there are many selfish people just like you, in the world. And somebody have to tell them somethings what they must do. Because they can’t know how to be a good human.

    If you knew how to be a good human, you would not say “I have no problem with this. Mind your business. The world has enough communists trying to tell people how to live their lives.”
    But the world needs good people. And good people must tell the people like you, how to live their lives.

    You had to learn to be good people. Because
    the world needs only good people.

  213. Anna…come si scrive in danese…fottutissimi stronzi?
    Così..giusto per essere breve e concisa come da te perfettamente suggerito…..;o)

  214. Pingback: www. b b a s a r a n. com » Blog Archive » Faroe adalar ve balıkçıları dedikleri

  215. Pingback: plis visit faro oer | Motocarota's Blog

  216. daniele filipponi

    la cosa che mi fa davvero incazzare é che nessuno fa niente!!
    ma cos’è un’ isola di deficienti, di imbecilli??
    vorrei fare loro e a tutti gli abitanti la stessa identica cosa e sono sicuro che non farei un’ombra di danno!.. anzi il mondo starebbe meglio..
    povere bestie però.. CHE RABBIA!!!

    Fær Øer=UGLY SHIT!!!

  217. alessio tonti

    Che schifo!!!
    Vorrei vedere se i delfini balena massacrassero così gli abitanti delle far oer.
    Che posto di MERDA spero vivamente che nessuno ci vada , così magari sperando nella crisi economica potrebbero estinguersi.
    (Ovviamente parlo degli abitanti delle far oer)

  218. Noam

    I’m just shocked.
    I just hope that some danish will see this blog and comment this.. he should be ashamed,
    and for those who sew “the plant of the ape’s”
    we just have to remember that gave has the power and tech for ruling this world.
    we need to use those animals for our studies , not for slaughter .
    myth tells that animals can speak.. we just need to listen.. (what we never do)

  219. Pingback: Faroe Islands, Denmark, the slaughter of pilot whales « Lazy Computer Geek

  220. http://www.cdnn.info/news/eco/e081130.html

    WARNING: Do not eat whale meat-Powered by

    CDNN – CYBER DIVER News Network
    FAROE ISLANDS (30 Nov 2008)

    Chief medical officers of the Faroe Islands have recommended that pilot whales no longer be considered fit for human consumption, because they are toxic – as revealed by research on the Faroes themselves.

    The remote Atlantic islands, situated between Scotland and Iceland, have been one of the last strongholds of traditional whaling, with thousands of small pilot whales killed every year, and eaten by most Faroese.

    Anti-whaling groups have long protested, but the Faroese argued that whaling is part of their culture – an argument adopted by large-scale whalers in Japan and Norway.

    But today in a statement to the islanders, chief medical officers Pál Weihe and Høgni Debes Joensen announced that pilot whale meat and blubber contains too much mercury, PCBs and DDT derivatives to be safe for human consumption.

    “It is with great sadness that this recommendation is provided,” they said. “The pilot whale has kept many Faroese alive through the centuries.”

    But in “a bitter irony”, they said, research on the impact of the pollutants on the Faroese themselves has shown that mercury, especially, causes lasting damage.

    The work has revealed damage to fetal neural development, high blood pressure, and impaired immunity in children, as well as increased rates of Parkinson’s disease, circulatory problems and possibly infertility in adults. The Faroes data renewed concerns about low-level mercury exposures elsewhere.

  221. Titian

    I’ve been extremely glum since I saw those terrifying pictures. I’m wondering if no animal-related groups ( like Sea Shepherd ) launch any campaign to protest against those barbaric Faroese’s atrocity ? Don’t use ” tradition ” as an excuse , otherwise , the cannibal practice shouldn’t have been forbidden cuz that used to be a ” tradition ” in some uncivilized tribes. This is the 21th century , a century of highly spiritual realization and awareness . Any form of distress or terror that humans afflict on the other species should be abandoned .

    Please sign the petiton to ask the Faroese to outlaw such massacre.

  222. moreno

    spero che arrivi qualcuno che vi faccia le stesse cose che voi fate alle balene……

  223. moreno

    spero che tutto quello che voi fate vi si rivolti contro….

  224. Pierskin

    Vabbè ma green peace e wwf dove cazzo stanno?OOOOO ke cazzo li voleste fermare sti danesi di merda celtici del cazzo, giuro ke se un giorno potrò e c’è ankora stò skifo mi armo e ci vado ogni danese ke entra in acquo lo fucilo!

  225. Dane

    Please do not associate the Faroe people with the Danish, we honestly have very little in common, we live several hundred kilometres from each other, we do not speak the same language and a Dane would definitely not be killing dolphins for shits and giggles.

    While this is horrible indeed it’s equally horrible for you to generalize and blame the Danish people. So fuck the Faroe people and fuck you as well.

  226. Tommaso

    Not that killing cattle makes me any happy but slapping the nature in the face by killing wild species just for the sake of “defending a tradition” is really a big shame.
    In decades to come we’ll face heavy climate changes and most likely great loss of wildlife species. We’ll be facing then at least one thing:
    who wins he loses.

    Non che l’uccisione di animali da allevamente mi renda particolarmente felice ma questo prendere a schiaffi in faccia la natura uccidendo speci selvatiche solo allo scopo “difendere una tradizione” e’ davvero un vero scandalo vergognoso.
    Nei decenni a venire si osservera` un severo mutamento climatico e con alta probalita` una grossa perdita di speci selvatiche. Almeno una cosa ci sara` chiara allora: chi vince perde.

  227. Pia

    E’ ricominciato l’ignobile massacro. Vergogna, vergogna, vergogna. Che umanità penosa e orribile.

  228. giuseppe

    ma perchè gli esperimenti nucleari non li fanno su quell’isola di merda………ffanculo a tutti questi bastardi

    • daniela

      Io non so come possa l’uomo dotato di intelligenza, sopportare mentalmente la sofferenza che infligge su altri esseri viventi.
      Su questo pianeta noi siamo usufruttuari e quindi dobbiamo avere il massimo rispetto di tutto e di tutti. Nessuno può decidere di farne una proprietà privata e liberamente scegliere di poterla massacrare per puro divertimento (io sono vegetariana per cui nemmeno per nutrirmi).
      Nel terzo millenio, nell’era dei computer, dei super-jet e di tutto quello che l’uomo è riuscito ad inventare, esistono ancora popolazioni in zone del pianeta, dove si pensa che le persone abbiano un’istruzione e non vivano più nelle caverne, che riescono a fare tutto questo.
      Sicuramente sono dei barbari, sono degli esseri talmente frustrati che se gli togliessero questo sfogo, si ammazzerebbero tra di loro.
      A questo punto speriamo che le nostre e-mail arrivino a destinazione e auspichiamoci che la regina di danimarca non si mostri del tutto indifferente e menefreghista.

  229. Pingback: Wholesale slaughter in a Danish protectorate

  230. Emanuele

    I don’t belive it.
    I think they have lost any reason.
    Cui prodest?
    Do these people feel more masculine?
    Do these people feel powerful?
    You ought to be ashamed of yourself!
    I should have gone to Denmark on vacation this summer. Cancelled.
    From now I and all my family will boycott all Danish products and services.

  231. Provitek

    It’s horror

    We shoud write to:

    Eurogroup For Animals 6 rue des Patriotes
    1000 Brussels Belgia
    mail: eurogroupforanimals.org

  232. NEIL



  233. stefano

    non è questione di essere danesi o non danesi; ci si chiede come possa l’uomo arrivare a compiere certe barbarie, peraltro quasi del tutto gratuite, e con tale freddezza. Cosa si aspetta ad intervenire?

  234. Whalelover

    When pilot whales are killed in the Faroe Islands not a single ounce of meat is wasted. THey don’t cry, and they die ina matter of seconds. The hooks mentioned above have long since been abolished, and the kill is finished literally in seconds. These whales have lived free lives, and ascend a step in the circle of life, as opposed to chickens, who live in cages half their size until they’re killed for luxury. Mile-wide differences.

  235. It’s remarks like these that just show how ignorant people are about this subject and animal welfare in general: “Farm animals are not endagered. Farm animal are killed for a purpose: food. These cetaceans are killed for no purpose, just fun.”

    First of all, the logic if the previous statement is totally wrong. If you can not see that, then there probably is no point in reading further.
    Secondly these ceteceans are killed for a purpose: food. And third: they are not endangered.

    If you should choose between being a cow or a Pilot whale, which one would you want to be?
    Living in a cage all of your life.
    Chance of being killed by humans: 99%
    Killing time: 1 second

    Pilot Whale:
    Living free all of your life.
    Chance of being killed by humans: 1%
    Killing time: 1 minute

    If you would choose to be a Pilot Whale, that means that you think cows are having a worse time than than Pilot Whales. And so you should try to stop the whole cow-in-a-cage thing.

    • Fabrizio

      For Plorkur;
      surely if I could choose I would not choose to be like you. Maybe cows live in a cage in your country not in mine. You are the living example of ignorance. How dare you take defense of this cruel masacre. When we butcher cows we don’ t take kids to clap hands and we don’t celebrate: we feed ourselves.
      You know what??? I can’t even hate you, I just feel sorry for you……..you poor man.
      Per Plorkur:
      se potessi scegliere certo non sceglierei di essere te. Forse le mucche stanno dentro una cassa nella tua terra non nella mia. Sei l’esempio vivente dell ‘ignoranza. Con che coraggio difendi questo crudele massacro. Quando macelliamo le mucche noi non portiamo i bambini per applaudire e non celebriamo, semplicemente ci nutriamo. La sai una cosa? Non riesco nepure ad odiarti mi fai solo pena….tu povero uomo.

    • NjordThyr

      Thank you !

      Finally someone with a brain here…

  236. Paolo

    Danimarca, civilissimo paese del civilissimo nord Europa! E fanno pure parte dell’Unione Europea! Forse siamo incivili noi che non li mandiamo a quel paese. Come si possono fare queste cose? Per l’amor di Dio, non acquisterò mai alcun prodotto danese e non ci andrò mai in vacanza, neanche gratis.
    Boicottiamoli questi carnefici.

  237. miky64

    Pazzi.. siete condannati a morire nello stesso identico modo…..non fare agli altri………..

  238. NjordThyr

    Excuse me..

    I’ve been to the Faroe Islands and yes I am a Dane.
    It looks very cruel, and I am a vegetarian myself. But what about the pigs, chicken, cows etc. that gets killed every day in all of the world???

    Oh no.. It’s only cruel when it’s the wales.
    My god… The Faroese people do it in a more humane way than most other. So stop complaining!

    And stop hating on Denmark and The Faroe Islands. None of you are any better! Now go and eat your steaks…

    • max

      not all people complaining about this barbarians archaic massacre r hipochrites..im vegetarian myself u cant being blind in front of these insane slaughering painted like “tradition”….u cant be proud of your country if they allow such brutal medieval stuff. I agree with u when u talk about other species killed everyday…

  239. Miguel

    Possibile che non si possa fare niente a livello Europeo essendo questi cetacei animali protetti?
    Maledetti Isolani schifosi,le grandi tradizioni democratiche del Nord Europa sarebbero queste.
    Tra voi e i Norvegesi (che ne fanno altrettante di porcherie),non si sa’ chi scegliere.
    Dovreste essere sterminati alla stessa maniera.

  240. mario

    Danish people simply idiots!
    fuck you, bastards!

  241. I just wonder if you have any idea where Faroe Islands are and if you know anything about it. As for example, there is no Danish people living there or that this hunt is actualy made because the meat is one of the main sources of food for the Faroese. Denmark will never have a saying in these islands, not as long as it is a separate country, self-governed. Those are not even dolphins, they are called “long finned pilot whales”. Calderon dolphins is a pure invention, but… whocares, isn’t it?! Trashing nations because you’re indignated and afirming that this is a “festival” where young people have to kill an animal just to “prove their manhood” is simply the most despicable calumny.

    Before you start atacking me or try to insult, keep that in mind: only when the whole human kind will stop eating meat of any kind, only than you’ll be entitled to take stones and to cast them at people. Otherwise you’re just a bunch of hypocrites who cry for a few hundreads exemplars of whales per year, when, in fact, in your slaughteries, are dieing hundreads of thousands of animals for your daily meat consume. The only difference; they die behind walls, far and away from the horripilated public eye. Well, Faroese people don’t have the luxury of the abattoirs, they just use the sea to cut their meat. Remember that.

    Keep the insults for ourself, not everybody has to agree with your point of view. And ‘ll not bother answer to any. If you don’t believe people that live in Faroe Islands, people that have been to Faroe Islands and know the situation, are outrageous liers and you simply continue to afirm the whales are killed for “fun” or for proving, God knows, what manhood (as the grown up men that are in the water have to prove something anymore) than is actually pointless to try to explain to you anything. Keep on making petitions and insult everybody who dares to contradict you!

    • Shion

      “only when the whole human kind will stop eating meat of any kind, only than you’ll be entitled to take stones and to cast them at people.”

      Totally agreed !!!

      Thank you

  242. NB. I can not quote the following:

    1. “The inhabitants of the Faroe Islands have no subsistence need for whale meat, and much of the flesh is left to rot and be dumped; it cannot be exported, as it is polluted with heavy metals and other toxins and therefore cannot meet EU heath standards for human food.”

    Everything in Faroe Islands costs with 30% till 50% more than in Denmark (which is, by the way, among the most expensive country in Europe, if not the most expensive), the salaries are lower than in Denmark and the state takes taxes up till 67% of the salaries. Everything is imported, the islands have around 27 km2 of farming land on which there are around 6 or 7 farms. They barely inssure the neccesary of sheep meat. And now I wonder: how come there is no “subsistence need for whale meat”? And how cand be the whales let to rot on a beach 150m long and maybe 50m deep in the largest part of it and at a few meters from the houses where people live? Who would be so imbecile to do something like that? No one sees the enormity of this afirmation, incredible!

    It can not be exported because it is absolutely ILLEGAL to sell it. The people gathered on the shore are there because all of the meat resulted from the hunt is divided amongst them. It is an old way of helping also the others who do not hunt nor have people in family that hunt. If you are there you get a share, if not, you don’t. Everuthing is divided, the only thing thrown away maybe are the bones.

    “. Indoctrinated from an early age, children are often given a day off school to watch the fun.”

    Children, day off from school? Really????? In 10 years since I came to Faroe Islands I have never heard such an enormity! Nor I have seen schools closing to send the children to assist to the “carnival” as you name it. I just wonder who has the interest to invent such stupidities and why? Just to make people react?

    You should make up your mind. Thei are either dolphins or whales. And you should know that the population of long finned pilot whales is estimated to 600 000 exemplars in Atlantic, official numbers. Those few hundreads killed by the Faroese will never endangered this specie. But again… who cares? It is easier to spread twisted information. On a site about human fertility. Ironic.

  243. Ester

    Stupid danish people.
    5 million of drunk, racistes inquisitive people that pay Europe to say that denmark is the country in which life quality is at the highest level and mafia doesn’t exist.
    We know danish mafia exists, we know the life is terrible and danish are so stupids.
    Stupid criminals, stupid danish people.
    Boycot denmark products.

    • Andreas

      How can you come with such a stupid comment! and then say then insulting ALL danish people! you got to be kidding me?
      I dont even want to waste my time on writing a comment to you Ester, I feel sorry for you..

  244. @Ester,what you write is utter rubbish and you should be ashamed of your declarations. Who died and made you the Owner of the Absolute Truth? How can you declare with o much emphasis “5 million of drunk, racistes inquisitive people that pay Europe to say that Denmark is the country in which life quality is at the highest level”? The life is actually at the highest level comparatively with a lot of other countries and not all of the people drink. But hey, who am I to contradict the declarations of such a spotless and righteous woman?

    Have you read ANY of my explanation, woman? The article reffers to Faroe Islands, by the way, maybe it’s time for you to find out it is a different country.

    Good luck eating that steak or your chicken you prepare for lunch or dinner, if that’s what your conscience says is ok. I hope you sleep better now that you’ve insulted all the people in Denmark.

  245. Andrea

    Fate schifo e con queste gesta precipitiamo verso il gradino più basso della scala animale.
    Mi vergogno di essere un essere umano.

  246. Pingback: La vergogna della Danimarca – Maledetti danesi - « Fiore – SanRemo

  247. Sølvi

    fuckling faroese people shaming our names…..denmark best! 🙂

  248. this is unbearable. but i cant say more as tradition is sacred to every religion. hmm..

  249. Matteo Soru

    To become men???? Maximum the opposite.. They all are worst then shit,they kill animals defenless,they enjoy doing it!!! Why they don’t try to fight against lions or tigers without weapons,just with ends???? like this maybe they would understand what is to be a man!!! They all,and also who let this happen and who goes to see this shit,to be wasted in a toilet,or to be wasted in a vulcan!! they are living for nothing,they are worst then the shi!! they should be receive an excecution for this,to die in the same way,very slowly.. but for sure late or soon they will have back all what they did!!
    However if the countries of the world don’t do nothing against this are shit too. It’s a shame without a possibility to discuss!!!

  250. thecove

    murderers! Now is the time to stand and fight for what we believe is right! This is such a terrible act.

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