Shame on Us!

Vote out this incompetent weak, government and speak out against these impotent corrupt politicians!
Vote for zero tolerance against Pakistan and any other hostile neighbour.picture-45
Stop this drama of Indo-Pak friendship tours/talks.. anything…boycott everything Pakistani….hurt their economy so their bankrupt government does not sponsor ISI/terrorism.picture-56
Look at Israel… 4 million citizens with 40 million hostile neighbours but no one dares pick up a fight with them..
Don’t believe anything politicians say from across the border.
Start with convincing our pseudo-wanna-be-politicos like Mahesh Bhatt & co to stop all these pseudo-friendship tours to hostile neighbouring countries… their states kill and maim us repeatedly and we go wagging our domesticated tails to get patted on our backs by these masters of ISI…
If Javed Jaffrey is not happy staying in India, he should be free to go settle in Pakistan. And please stop lighting candles at the Gateway of India. We have been doing this after every terrorist attack on Mumbai.

Shame on us!


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