America’s Funniest Surrogate Stories Contest Winner

The following was selected as the Winning Entries in America’s Funniest Surrogate Stories Contest: Grand Prize Winner:

“I’ll never forget our meeting in Virginia… My IM picked me up from the airport to take me for my sonogram and, after that, out to lunch at the local shopping mall. As we pulled into the parking lot, my IM realized that it was time for her Fertinex injection and being that I was an RN, I was elected to give her the shot. She also elected to do it right there in the parking lot!!! O.K… I’ll go along with this… I was nervously laughing about things… It was only the second time I had seen this girl face to face !! And here I was about to give her a shot in the thigh !!!!!

She was so organized, pulling out her ice water bag filled with injections and vials!!! We looked like a bunch of drug dealers in the parking lot dealing our stuff!!! Funny thing was that several mall employees were taking their smoke breaks while we had the car door open drawing up the meds. I was so nervous I couldn’t stop laughing. I was so worried that someone would think the worst!!!”

“Come on Deb, hurry it up !!!” I said. “Now slow down,” she said, “I have to draw up four vials’ worth and it takes time!!!! “Just stick your leg out and let’s get this over with, Deb !!!” She wanted everything to be perfect!!! I just knew we looked suspicious!!! I just knew the longer she took, the more trouble was headed our way !!!!!

She FINALLY let me give her the shot!!!!! Deb was such a PERFECTIONIST!!! I was the nurse and she was making me crazy!!!!!! Well, we were cleaning up our little mess in the car and getting ready to go into the mall for lunch and wouldn’t you know it!!! Mall security drives around the corner with flashing lights!!!! They were driving ever so slowly scouting out the parking lot!!!! I knew it … I just knew it !!!! All I could picture was trying to explain to the FAIRFAX POLICE that these were ONLY infertility drugs!!!!!! All I could think of was missing our transfer because we were locked up in jail for questioning!!! Was Deb worrried ??? OH NO !!!!

That’s Deb, cool as a cucumber, being dragged across the parking lot by her surrogate…. And all she could think about was the drop of Fertinex that leaked out of her injection site!!!!! We slipped away from mall security by the skin of our teeth that day… the closest thing I’ve ever been to being arrested in this lifetime…. and Deb ???? She still complains of MY injection techniques to this day !!!! I sure do love that girl !!!! God couldn’t have paired two funnier people together !!!!!


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