The MOGS-FPAI Avabai Wadia Indo-Israeli Workshop & Conference on Contraception

The MOGS FPAI Dr Avabai Wadia Memorial Workshop on Contraception was held on 26 September 2009. Cases were conducted at the Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital, Sion and relayed live to the Regus Convention Center, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai.

The Workshop was held in two sessions. In the morning session, there was a demonstration on puerperal tubal ligation. Two different techniques of tubal ligation were shown – the Pomeroy’s and Madlener’s techniques – on either tube. This was followed by a demonstration of a laparoscopic tubal ligation. Special attention was paid to safe entry techniques in laparoscopy and instrumentation in terms of the band applicator. These surgical procedures were demonstrated by Dr Y S Nandanwar and Dr V R Ambiye.
This was followed by the Inauguration of the Workshop. The Workshop was Inaugurated by Dr Sandhya Kamat, Dean, Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital and the Chief Guest was Dr Asha Advani, Officer on Special Duty, Department of Family Planning, Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.
In the afternoon session, Dr Nandanwar and Dr Ganpat Shinde demonstrated puerperal sterilization by Wood’s technique – a technique which has the maximum chances of successful recanalization. Kroener’s fimbriectomy procedure was shown in another case. Dr Asha Advani demonstrated Non Scalpel Vasectomy under local anesthesia. She also gave a lucid account of the rules and regulations around taking consent for sterilization and the correct forms to be used for this purpose. Dr R P Soonawala demonstrated the insertion of the Levonorgestrel intrauterine system with practical tips on making the procedure easy and comfortable. History of sorts was created at this Workshop with the first ever demonstration of the Essure device in the country. The Essure device for hysteroscopic sterilization was demonstrated by Dr Asher Shushan, one of the Israeli faculty members. The procedure was carried out very smoothly and it was much appreciated.

There was healthy interaction between the faculty in the Operation Theatre and the chairpersons and audience at the Convention Center. The operation theatre was coordinated by Dr Niranjan Chavan and Dr Shailesh Kore. The sessions were chaired by Dr V D Patkar, Dr Mukesh Gupta and Dr Abha Bhat in the morning and Dr Asha Dalal and Dr Vipin Checker in the afternoon. The organizing secretaries were Dr Sulbha Arora, Dr Raju Nagarkatti, Dr Vipin Checker and Dr Parikshit Tank.

The MOGS – FPAI Avabai Wadia Conference on Contraception was held on the 27th of September 2009 at ITC Grand Central, Parel. There were 100 delegates for this event including 12 postgraduate students. The Israeli Faculty included Dr Asher Shushan and Dr Motti Hallak. Dr Gautam Allahbadia, MOGS President welcomed the Israeli Faculty, the MOGS members and delegates from all over India. The national anthems of both the countries ie India and Israel were played to commemorate the MOGS Indo-Israeli year of Academic Exchange. Dr Usha Krishna, President FPAI and Dr Anjali Sen, Regional Director International Planned Parenthood Federation, addressed the audience. The program began with the Avabai Wadia Video Film Festival on Reproductive Health Technologies, where 8-minute videos were presented on Tubal Ligation and its reversal, Vasectomy and its reversal, Manual Vacuum Aspiration and Hysteroscopic Permanent Sterilization. This was followed by a Panel Discussion on Repositioning Family Planning Leading to Population Stabilization. The panel was expertly moderated by Dr Usha Krishna. The panelists included the Israeli Faculty as well as renowned doctors & family planning practitioners from India. The Indian Demographic scenario, the role of the Government & NGOs, factors having positive & negative influence, and advantages / disadvantages of the available methods were discussed. The Avabai Wadia Memorial Oration was delivered by Prof RP Soonawala on The Indian Contraception Story: Lessons Learnt and Future Challenges. The wonderful talk outlining the evolution of contraception over the last 3000 years with fascinating stories and personal experiences was enjoyed by all. Post Lunch we had four sessions of Invited Lectures on four different aspects of Family Planning. The Hormonal Contraception Session was sponsored by Wyeth, and covered lectures on Low Dose Oral Contraception, Modern Trends in Contraception and Injectable Contraception. The MTP Session included Medical Methods, Implications and Amendments of the MTP Act and Emerging Trends in Second Trimester MTP. The session on Surgical Approach covered the areas of Non Scalpel Vasectomy, Trials & Tribulations of Female Sterilization and Hysteroscopic Sterilization. Lastly we had a session on Contraception in Special Groups such as Adolescents, the HIV Positive and women with Medical Disorders. The day concluded with the MOGS Dr Bhanuben Mahendra Nanavati Golden Jubilee Oration, which was delivered by Prof Suneeta Mittal from New Delhi on Contraception Acceptance: Gaps and Promises. This excellent oration was founded on years of experience, data, images and personal insights. The tireless efforts of the Organizing Committee ensured that the conference was a success in all aspects – the acquisition of knowledge, free exchange of ideas with audience interaction and experts’ opinion on all aspects of family planning.


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