Cutting Edge in Gynecological Endoscopy – The MOGS Indo-Israeli Live Surgical Workshop & Conference

The MOGS Live Surgical Workshop on the Cutting Edge in Gyneacological Oncology was held on 14 November 2009. Cases were performed at the Tata Memorial Hospital, Parel and relayed live to the ITC Grand Grand Central, Parel, Mumbai. In the morning session, there was a demonstration on Radical hysterectomy for carcinoma cervix by Dr.Rajendra Kerkar.During the course of surgery he especially highlighted the nuances of surgical anatomy with respect to the pelvic vasculature and lymph nodes. This was followed by a demonstration of laparotomy for a large pelvic mass. It turned out to be large degenerating fibroid. This challenging case was skillfully dealt with by the invited Israeli onco-surgeons Dr.Jacob Korach and Prof.Gilad Ben-Baruch.

The next case demonstrated was that of groin node dissection for positive groin nodes in a case of Ca Vulva, which was operated upon by the invited onco-surgeons from Israel. There was healthy interaction between the faculty in the Operation Theatre and the chairpersons and audience at the ITC.

In the afternoon session, the Israeli team demonstrated two cases of laparotomy for ovarian masses. In the first case the performed a debulking/cytoreductive surgery for a cystic ovarian tumor. The procedure was carried out very smoothly and it was much appreciated

This was followed by a secondary cytoreductive procedure. Prof.Jacob Korach and Dr.Gilad Ben-Baruch demonstrated the technique of omentectomy and interacted with the audience about their approach, their surgical technique and their experience in Israel. The operation theatre at the Tata Memorial Hospital was coordinated by Dr Rajendra Kerkar. The sessions were chaired by Dr Belvi, Dr Sanjanwala and Dr Madhvi Pandya in the morning and Dr Reshma Rao and Dr Aparna Prabhu in the afternoon. The workshop was attended by over 100 delegates not only form Mumbai but also from all over the country.

The MOGS Conference on the Cutting Edge in Gynecological Oncology was held on the 15th November 2009 at the ITC Grand Central, Parel, Mumbai. There were 127 registrations for this event. There were 35 delegates from outside Mumbai attending the Conference.The opening session was an Invited Video Session. The faculty demonstrated a variety of open and laparoscopic techniques for the entire gamut of gynecological cancers. Dr Shailesh Puntambekar, one of the invited faculty from Pune, has been recently awarded the Golden Laparoscope Award from the AAGL. As a last minute request, he shared with the audience his award winning video on laparoscopic posterior exenteration.

The Conference was then officially inaugurated. Appreciation plaques were awarded to Dr Rajendra Badwe, Director, Tata Medical Center and Dr Rajendra Kerkar. The Israeli faculty members, Professor Gilad Ben-Baruch and Dr Jacob Korach were thanked for their efforts at the Workshop yesterday and for their visit to India. Dr Puntambekar was felicitated for his recent achievements.

The next session of invited lectures featured dilemmas in borderline tumors by Dr Anita Borges, a celebrated name in the field of cancer pathology. Dr Jacob Korach from Israel gave a balanced view on treating gynecological cancer in the geriatric patient. The concept of cytoreduction for ovarian cancers was expounded by Dr Hemant Tongaonkar.

Before lunch, Dr Amish Dalal conducted a well-planned and informative panel discussion on controversies in gynecological oncology. The panel comprised of surgeons (Dr Jacob Korach, Dr Amita Maheshwari and Dr Murad Lala), radiation oncologists (Dr V Kannan and Dr U Mahantshetty) and medical oncologists (Dr H Menon and Dr Kumar Prabhas). The discussion was fruitful and had -important take-home messages for the delegates.

After lunch, we opened up the newer vistas of minimal access surgery in gynecological oncology. Dr Neeta Warty dealt with the suspicious adnexal mass. Dr Puntambekar spoke about complications and the videos on the problems one can face were engrossing. Interestingly, most of the complications were treated laparoscopically as well. Dr Rajendra Kerkar gave a detailed account of minimal access surgery and future directions in gynecological cancers.The next session was a sponsored session on prevention of cervical cancer. Dr Ashwini Bhalerao Gandhi and Dr Bhaskar Pal from Kolkata spoke on this subject and this was followed by an audience interaction.

The last session was the Indo Israeli Keynote Address. Professor Gilad Ben-Baruch brought with him his immense experience on the subject of his interest, organ preservation and conservatism in gynecological oncology. His talk was peppered with case notes and personal insights which enthralled the audience.On the whole, the scientific content was of high quality. The program ran on schedule with adequate time for the audience to participate. The venue was well-appointed with a sumptuous lunch buffet. The hotel staff extended a great deal of co-operation to make the program a pleasure to attend and organize.

Organizing Secretaries: Sulbha Arora, Parikshit Tank, Rajendra Kerkar

Joint Organizing Secretaries: Rajendra Nagarkatti, Vipin Checker, SN Agrawal

President: Gautam Allahbadia

Secretary: Ashwini Bhalerao Gandhi

Report submitted by: Parikshit Tank


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  1. Debby

    Wonderful presentation …… the work of amazing physicians from two different countries …… joining together to share their expertise and accomplishments in gynecological cancer. Awesome videos!

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