India’s First Same-Sex Couple Surrogacy Success Story

Isaeli Same-Sex Couple Gestational Surrogacy Pregnancy

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5 responses to “India’s First Same-Sex Couple Surrogacy Success Story

  1. jam-cdo

    it is only to those happy together to say sex is not sacred. same sex married is still not acceptable to many. man is t a woman. why make artificial out of tis world??

    • Sponge

      In Reply to the comment, I feel it may be best to generate your thoughts prior to hurling them out. Let’s be realistic and realize that the world isn’t YOUR world, but many different kinds of peoples. Therefore, diversity recognition is an accomplishment and not a setback.

  2. An Israeli gay couple get their wishes fulfilled in a land where the legality of being a gay Indian is still being debated in the Supreme Court. Isn’t it sad?

    Jaago India, Jaago!

    As of December 8, 2009, 10 idiots have filed petitions AGAINST the reading down of India’s 150 year old anti-gay law (IPC 377) in the SC. Have these 10 parties nothing better to do? All these, so called, “holy men” and “moral men” should look deep into their hearts and question themselves, “what do they hope to gain by criminalizing gay and lesbian Indians? Is it power that they seek? Is it a latent feeling of homosexuality in themselves that they are trying to shout down with war cries of homophobia?”

    Gays and Lesbians have as much right to this land as Straights.

  3. Jibril ibrahim

    Same sex is not a good ideal it should be abolish it been abolish since god condem it as a sin so it shouldn’t be practise

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